HBT-Treuhand GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (auditing company)

Auditing services

The auditing of financial statements by our HBT – Treuhand GmbH auditing company is an integral part of our comprehensive range of services.  More

Auditing experts

Our auditors and sworn accountants stand out on account of their years of experience.  More

Services provided by the BWLC Group

A strong community providing comprehensive advisory services. The BWLC Group offers: Tax consultancy, legal counselling, company succession and corporate counselling, and also auditing.  More

Lectures & Information

The BWLC Group informs you about current topics, provides information on exciting topics and lectures as well as job advertisements and much more.

HBT-Treuhand GmbH is a member of the BWLC Group – a strong community with comprehensive consulting services

BWLC Braschoß & Coll. Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB Steuerberatungsgesellschaft (tax consultancy partnership)

Tax consultancy on a regular basis
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Supervision of external tax audits
  • Conducting of extra-judicial and judicial remedies
Preparation of annual financial statements / calculation of profits
  • Preparation of financial statements based on both commercial and tax law
  • Preparation of annual financial statements involving plausibility assessments
  • Preparation of profit calculations
Financial and payroll accounting
  • Processing of regular accounting operations
  • Settlement of wages and salaries


BWLC Rechtsanwälte (BWLC lawyers)

Main topics:
  • Elaboration of articles of association, contracts with customers and suppliers, and other intercompany agreements
  • Transformation, merger, and splitting up of companies or splitting up of company assets
  • Purchase and sale of companies and shareholdings
  • Due diligence assignments (legal due diligence)
  • Establishment and termination of employment contracts
  • Estate planning arrangements (wills, inheritance contracts)
  • Supervision of corporate sell-offs and acquisitions
  • Family law matters


BWLC PlanConsult AG & Co. KG

Business consultancy:
  • Drafting of business analyses
  • Drafting of financial and liquidity plans
  • Consultancy regarding investment and financing
  • External controlling
  • Company valuation
Consultancy regarding business start-ups
  • Drafting of business plans
  • Drafting of financial and liquidity plans
  • Consultancy regarding investment and financing
  • Marketing concept
  • Corporate design development